Your Beliefs Are Something You Think You Learned

Your Beliefs Are Something You Think You Learned

Your beliefs are only 7 years old

Your beliefs about yourself are just repetitive thoughts you will keep on thinking. These are often based on experiences in our lives before the age of 7 and sometimes older. Now when you think about it like that, you can it can make sense of why your beliefs can seem somewhat irrational to your adult mind! In some cases it explains a lot because people can be running their adult lives based on the thoughts, beliefs and feelings of a 7 year old !

These beliefs are the lenses through which we view our world, they either enlighten or cloud or perception of ourselves and everything around us. They make up every decision, thought feeling and action we take. Your beliefs act like a reference library – we keep on going back to dig through those dusty old files and always come back up with the same or similar ideas, thoughts and feelings unless we consciously do something to change our habit!

Some of these beliefs we hold serve us – they provide us with a sense of love, guidance and wellbeing. They connect us to feelings of positivity

Some of these beliefs we hold do not serve us – they act like that “voice” inside your head who makes you question/ doubt/ hold back/ give up on your life and your dreams.

As you will have experienced sometimes we come across beliefs which feel difficult to let go of because we are challenging a core part of ourselves its like someone chopping off your little finger – it feels as though it has always been a part of you – but it doesn’t have to be that way!


When you can transform your beliefs which do not serve you, with a process like EAM – then you will begin to see your life getting better and better, Law of Attraction begins to work for you as you what you see outside of you is a reflection of what happens within – so change within and your life can’t help but shift before your eyes.

So what will you do today to change your beliefs which no longer serve the person you know you’re born to be – I’d love to hear more about it here … (and if you loved this video and post please share on social media too !) x

With Love As Always
Yvette x


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  1. Hmmm, interesting article. I have done a lot of clearing of old patterns and behaviours and have now after “waking up” taken responsibility for myself and my actions.

    What I haven’t done is to brake the habit of sayings and thoughts which leave me in a holding pattern of yes, I’ve taken responsibility of my past and now want to (should that read hunger to) move onto the next stage of leading a more full filled and fulfilling life. Yes I know where I want to be and I can see it in all its magnificent detail but it seems to be just out of reach!!! Aaghhh!!! And yes this “out of reach” is probably, ok yes it is, bad programming but what the F… do I do to overcome it????


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