Why Are You Still Fighting For Your Life?

Why Are You Still Fighting For Your Life?

I love being a coach, I love seeing into what is happening with people and finding a way to see in them what they just DON’T see in themselves ! Sometimes though ( in fact almost always) what you see in your clients is something still active in your own energy. If you believe in the Law of Attraction (and I do because it is a HUGE part of what I teach with EAM – The Energy Alignment Method ) then I have to accept that is also true, what I see in my reality is a reflection of what >>>I<<<< have still going on inside!

Recently I have seen SO many people STILL fighting for their life and by that I don’t mean REAL LIFE or DEATH, I mean fighting to keep their life the way it is. Which for me is almost like dying anyway, it’s like giving up on yourself.

So in true form I had to go back and reflect on what this meant to me, what was STILL in my energy that I needed to let go of?

My path to spirituality wasn’t really conscious after a rough childhood, like a lot of people I came out the other side of it a VICTIM! I didn’t know it then and I certainly wouldn’t have used those words, but I spent so much of my time fighting for the way my life was, explaining WHY my life felt crap, blaming others for things they had done, making excuses because I had been sick… you name it I would use it as a reason to explain why I COULDN’T do it !

Being a victim was GREAT for me
~ I learnt how to get help from people (those who like to rescue),
~ I learnt that I could get out of almost anything if I complained about it enough
~ I learnt to get pity from people when I told them about my story
~ I learnt to get treated differently because I was “special”

This way of living served me for a very long time ! Back then I didn’t know about the Law of attraction, I just kept thinking sh** things happened because that was how my life was. I had nothing to compare it to, because we only know life through our own existence !

Looking back now though, going through all of this stuff DID serve me, it put me on my spirtual path, it allowed me to grow, it lead me to explore the many,many, many,many different therapies, trainings and teachings which I have studied, learnt and qualified in over the last 15 years ! And it enabled me to create The Energy Alignment Method – which in itself has allowed me to uncover a new layer of myself and let go of the old bullSh** ways of thinking !

Along that journey I discovered Abraham Hicks – who in my eyes ARE the teachers of the Law of attraction, over the last 9 years listening to them, breathing, reading and thinking this stuff I have been on such a profound journey of waking up !

Was it easy –  NO
Was it straight forward – NO
Was it simple – NO
Was I tempted to give up – YES
Was I driven to create change in my life YES !
Do I wish I had EAM all that time ago  – MY GOD YES !

If there is ANY part of you, even a tiny part of you who is making excuses like
“I can’t do this because …….”
“I’m too busy”
“I’m too sick”
“I’m too poor”
“I’m too lonely”
“They won’t let me”
“They did this”
“They said that”

^^^ All of those are from a place of DIS empowerment, they come from the place of wanting to be looked after, from having someone else come and fix it for you !

So I did what I would suggest to my clients, I took a look at what was going on in MY energy for me to be seeing this. And MY god I am so glad that I did ! I was STILL angry ! Me <<< Yes, The woman who teaches about energy alignment.

What was I angry at ? Myself for spending SO much of my life playing the VICTIM – MY GOD!
If ONLY I had known then what I know now.
If ONLY I hadn’t spent so many years of my life playing that same stupid old record
What would I be doing ?
Where would I be?
How much sooner would I have felt THIS happy !

It was a BIG aha for me and of course I used EAM – The Energy Alignment Method to release this anger at myself for being a victim for so long. Then I allowed myself to find love again for who I am now, the journey I have been on and they fact that I now get to teach THIS to people like you ! WHAT a gift !

So my BIG message to you is THIS –
It does NOT matter where you have been – it is about where you are now
It does NOT matter what your story was – it is about the new one you’re creating
It does NOT matter what you think is in the way – It is about you learning to let that sh** go and aligning yourself to being the BEST most amazing version of who you are right now !

With love to you as always
Yvette xxx



  1. Thank you Yvette!
    I can relate to much of what you have written…so it made me smile!
    It is an interesting time for me right now…recovering from surgery ( I prepared well on all levels so know that I have ended a ‘legacy of sickness’ here in myself and my female family). Sitting quietly I am seeing the stories and blocks I will be removing with EAM shortly and am super keen to get on with that! Respecting my body and taking time for me ( not rushing the process) is a big challenge! Another experience that I need to allow and let go of the pressure to lead!
    Looking forward to more connections soon!

  2. EAM has shown me huge positive developments in my life and I love this sentence in your blog:

    It does NOT matter what you think is in the way – It is about you learning to let that sh** go and aligning yourself to being the BEST most amazing version of who you are right now !

    SUCH a relief when EAM points out an issue – and then gets rid of it, allowing you to progress forwards!!

    Thank you Yvette!!


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