Yvette Taylor the creator of the Award Winning Self Help & Personal Transformational Technique – The Energy Alignment Method, dubbed the fastest method for getting in flow.

~ She is an entrepreneur and change maker by heart, who has taken not one but two companies from zero to six and seven figure turnover in less than 18 months.

~ Voted the Top 10 Holistic Therapists In The Uk – Holistic Therapy Magazine, Winner of the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award, as well as multiple awards for “UK’s Best Coaching And Mentoring Business”, “Shining Online” and for making an impact and being an inspiration to women in the UK.

~ She has spent 15 years using and teaching eastern principles, spiritual practices and self-development throughout the UK.

~ In 9 years working as a business and marketing coach has worked with over 11000+ spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs.

Yvette has been featured in High Spirit Magazine, spoken on stage with people such as Ali Brown and Dr Joanna Martin, she has been interviewed alongside people well known names like Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton and Andy Dooley.

She is a huge advocate for change and shifting the world to a new paradigm, she is doing this through working with global charities such as B1G1 (Businesses doing Business for Good) and as an Ambassador for The Buddy Bag Foundation in the UK.

Having been on her own personal journey of transformation from a life of drugs, drink and partying. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, with lots of fun, laughter and honesty in everything she does.

She isn’t afraid to share the rough and the smooth of changing your life, running businesses as a mum and still making your difference in the world.