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Are You Ready To Take A Quantum Leap In Your Life & Business?

If you’ve found your way here then I believe it is meant to be …. it’s your time for a BIG change

Yvette Circle = Purple Writing

You’ve done the affirmations
You’ve done the vision boards
You’ve done the positive thinking
You’ve done the workshops & weekends
You’ve done the journalling every day

And yet the feeling of eternal happiness in the life and business you want, are still to manifest!

The results of your “good” spiritual work are not quite there – it ‘looks’ like it works for everyone else but not for you!

Join me for ‘The Energy Experience’ where well spend two weeks together – with me going deep, getting connected and letting GO of any and everything in your way – which is the first step of building a soulful business!

I’ll share with you exactly why your journalling, visualisations and affirmations won’t work AND more importantly what you CAN do, to ensure the “spiritual” work you do gets you in flow each and everytime !!

Why ? I believe that people on their spiritual path are here to create massive change in the world and inspire others to do the same – to make that happen we have to be congruent in our lives.  Your business, marketing, success, clients, life experiences, thoughts, words, energy, beliefs and actions are not separate – all of them influence the other and MUST be in sync for you to create impact in the world.


Maybe Right Now You Feel …

– It is hard  to stay in flow (or even get in the vicinity of it) everything feels like a PUSH, STRUGGLE, or EFFORT
– you can’t let go of the inner games, gremlins or voices which prevent you from really experiencing your greatness
– unclear how to turn your vision into a business, which is successful without working LONG hours
– confused about creating a business, building an online brand OR you are well along the journey, but you’ve got there through shear grit and determination and you want to experience a new way of maintaining your success
– that it is YOUR time in life to stop playing small and you’re ready to let it feel phenomenal in every area of your life and business

I had no awareness or experience of how much potential there is to influence what you attract in life before taking part in The Energy Experience. WOW – it blew my mind… Learning about EAM over 15 days, I barely scratched the surface of what is possible and I’m so excited to take this to a new level working closely with Yvette Taylor in the first Energy Evolution group! I’m so delighted I said YES to me and YES to attracting everything I desire – this is powerful stuff!

Ces Loftus

This Is For You If …

– you want to get in flow (be in the zone, feel connected, be inspired – what ever you call it!)
– you’re ready to make EVERY day feel like you are living & working on purpose
– getting clarity and allowing inspired ideas to come to you, feels like fun
– stopping playing the inner games & patterns, which hold you back, is top of your list!
– you want to let everything in life happens with EASE
– it’s time to allow your flow of money, clients, success (everything you’ve been asking for) to manifest

This Is NOT For You If …

– You want to continue to let things feel like a PUSH, STRUGGLE, or EFFORT
– You love hanging out with gremlins who prevent you from experiencing your greatness
– You aren’t ready to change the way you do things, to connect to yourself
– You only want a “quick” result not to enjoy the feeling every day
– It is not your number one priority to experience love, joy, happiness and abundance

I stumbled upon Yvette’s advert for ‘The Energy Experience’ which resonated instantly with me; I had had a tough start to the year which had left me feeling tired, irritable and generally unhappy. I was apprehensive at the thought of bearing my soul to a group of strangers on social media, my worst nightmare; however, thankfully I took the plunge and haven’t looked back since!

Within a couple of days of using the EAM technique positive changes were taking place in my life. I was more focused and productive in my job; strained relationships improved; and fears I had been living with for the best past of 20 years disappeared overnight! I now have a tool I can use daily if necessary to bring myself back into alignment, no matter what the circumstance, and I feel for the first time in years that I have control over my life – thank you Yvette!

Liz Bell

I’ve just finished the Energy Experience Spring and feel totally turned around! When I saw the advert for this I was feeling very lost, confused and not really sure if I was really feeling and experiencing life as I wanted to. I knew there was some alignment that had to happen and felt that Yvette Taylor would be able to help with that.I was a bit apprehensive being part of such a large group as I have done this before and felt unsupported but not this time! Having the smaller groups was a fantastic idea and Yvette really took the time to read and reply to everyone – an amazing feat and testimony to Yvettes dedication considering there were 200 of us!!!

This was definitely a journey of re-connecting, releasing and building from the negative to the positive and I feel so much clearer, motivated and able to do what I want to do. I’ve probably done more work in the last 2 weeks that I have in the last month! If you want to get some clarity and you want to feel more in alignment and sure of what you are doing then jump in with both feet. It’s an incredible experience and one worth taking xxx

Sharon O-Brien

Wow!! Thank you immensely for introducing me to The Energy Experience because I knew that on a subconscious level I was holding on to some limiting beliefs. I really had no idea of just how profound the journey would be within only a couple of weeks and wondered if anything would come up for me at all.

Your method is gentle yet extremely powerful and I experienced releases in blockages I had with lifelong emotions of guilt and powerlessness. I now feel equipped to identify what is causing me to feel out of alignment but more importantly how to go through the steps to release those emotions, which has already benefited me with my relationships and business.

I would recommend to others feeling that something is holding them back from being their authentic self in life and business that they too give the Energetic Alignment Method a go, as it will make the biggest difference to the way they feel

Milika Lavelst-Fox

I wanted to say a massive thank you Yvette as I found an email in my inbox although I am not sure how I came about receiving it, all I know I am very thankful I did.

I love trying new ways for me to learn more about myself and how it will benefit my life so I was extremely excited about being a part of the 14 day energy experience. The positive changes over these two weeks have been wonderful, new opportunities with work have presented themselves, blockages I had around relationships and money have shifted.

I feel really grounded and confident in knowing if something doesn’t feel right I can easily shift it through the energy work. In fact every morning I check if I am in alignment with my day ahead smile emoticon I can not recommend Yvette enough, her energy and supportive approach with this method is fantastic and if you want some guarantees with it making a difference to your business then I would say call Yvette.
Paula Martin

What You Will Really Get Out Of ‘The Energy Experience’


Learn 'The Energy Alignment Method'

A simple spiritual tool for practical people designed to get and keep you in flow with everything you desire so you can create the life you love and get yourself to a place of happiness, love and connection on any and every subject in your life It’s really SUPER simple

Maintain A Consistent Higher Vibration

Over these two weeks we will establish a new “base level” for your energy, so that you consistently live in a space of more joy, happiness and love – which is ALSO where your life and business will begin to manifest more easily for you (sounds too la la ? Well why don’t you see for yourself!!)

Transform Resistance Once And For All

Let go of those energetic and emotional blockages, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, patterns and memories, which you know inside are holding you back or create resistance – which means you’ll instantly be in flow !

Join Me For ‘The Energy Experience’ 15 Minutes For 15 Days

This is your chance to join ‘The Energy Experience’ –  let’s spend two weeks together  inside our online facebook group… become part of this community – I’ll be there to coach and guide you each day on a new element of your life or business to clear, release and let go .

All I ask is this …..

– Put aside just 15 minutes per day to get yourself in alignment, so life gets in flow
– Each day read or watch the a short video/worksheet guiding you on which areas we’re clearing
– Do the work set and hold yourself and other members in your group accountable

Together we’ll raise your energy, vibration and get clarity consistently around
– Your Self (beliefs, thoughts, health, feelings, emotions and memories)
– Your Life (relationships, family, work, children, home, friends, recreation)
– Your Business (clients, money, “fame”, impact, purpose, message)

We’ll move your consistent vibration from feelings of fear, despair, sadness, guilt to more joy, happiness, appreciation and abundance each and every day … now who doesn’t want more of that ! So what are you waiting for – register today …. !

It’s time to connect to your source

Join Here… let’s start this journey together>>