How The Law Of Attraction Works In Your Life

How The Law Of Attraction Works In Your Life

There are LOTS of people talking about the Law of Attraction these days -I LOVE that it is so mainstream and there are so many inspirational people out there sharing this message now. The truth is you are ALWAYS using the Law of Attraction in your life whether you realise it or not!

Someone who I love and listen to a lot is Abraham Hicks – they talk about a 4 step creative process to the Law of Attraction which explains how to manifest in your life. Within the Energy Alignment Method we have expanded on this 4 step process and inserted a fifth which is all about transformation.

Abraham Hicks explains that this SAME process works when you are creating things on purpose (consciously creating) OR when you don’t even realise you are doing it (unconsciously creating) !

The same steps are always happening.

Step 1 – You ASK

This isn’t always with your words but with the way you FEEL – the thoughts you THINK – the words you USE – the things you talk about – your affirmations. This is how you send a SIGNAL out and do your ‘ASKING”.

Step 2 – Your Electrical Energy Body Becomes It.

In that moment you ASK (by thinking, feeling, doing or saying) you are sending THAT message and your ENERGY bodies become it. Energy is light. It is quick and it shifts in an instant – moment to moment. Your energy shifts in that moment and your electro magnetic energy works like a MAGNET and begins attracting more of THAT thing to it.

Step 3 – You Have To Become It

To become the things you are asking for you need to do deliberate and conscious work, creating your life through affirmations, meditations, journaling, walking in the park and getting in tune – making sure that your energy is aligned to the positive thoughts, feelings and emotions you want to have.

When someone is unconscious or NOT deliberately creating – they “BECOME IT” through the things they feel on a daily basis – the things they talk or moan about – their habits of thought or ways of behaving and they have NO idea that this is the case. So they end up creating more of the same things in their lives.

Step 4 – You Have To Maintain It

Sometimes it can be hard to keep the snowball of positivity rolling because we have so many physical, mental or emotional distractions which pull on our energy.

When you are unconscious of these things – people maintain their negative vibration – by KEEPING talking about something that happened to them – or bitching or complaining about other people and what they should or shouldn’t do (we’ve all done it at some point !!). This kind of energy keeps people stuck.

So you can see whether you choose to create your life on purpose or you are unconscious, the power you have to shape your life and your reality is the same! You just have very different outcomes !

To attract things into our lives you have to maintain a consistent vibration on so many subjects – which is why we don’t always manage to manifest stuff as quickly as we might like – because we are sending out different vibrations from our energies on different subjects often within minutes of each other – all day our energy fluctuates! So nothing is a consistent vibration for long enough.

But once we learn that this is HOW things work – we can choose to bring ourselves back to the state we want to be in, all day, every day, especially when you use something like The Energy Alignment Method to raise our energy and maintain a new level of calm, centered connectedness !

How easy do you find it keeping your energy aligned? Do you have a simple technique for raising your vibration and staying in alignment?

With love, as always,

Yvette xx


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