The Law of Attraction is Real

The Law of Attraction is Real

If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, coach, mentor, therapist or practitioner who KNOWS in themselves that they are meant to be doing something SO much bigger (even if you don’t know what it is!)

Maybe you’ve been asking the universe to give you some guidance or point you in the right direction of what you need to do to make it happen … it has heard your call – This IS IT!

Have you ever felt like you WANT to take the leap and do something, but a thought or feeling holds you back? Because you’re fearful or scared?

I know I have …. and that stuff that is holding you back is called resistance and it isn’t serving you or helping you create the life you want. Why because it is always based in fear not love, decisions made from fear it never works out for the highest good of us or other people it involves .

I would love you to join me at this upcoming event – The Energy Emergence – where we will Transform Resistance, Get Clarity On Your Vision & Break Through That Glass Ceiling to Attract More Freedom, Love & Abundance in your life

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Energy Emergence

I’m Yvette Taylor – Proud and excitable Creator of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method™ EAM . EAM is a powerful thought, emotion and energy transformation tool which is specifically designed to get you in flow with the law of attraction.

Having spent the last 15 years learning and teaching this stuff and throughout that time I’ve worked with thousands of people, I know from my clients and myself exactly what is happening for you !

At this event I’ll show you how you can use EAM to
– Start activating your abundant energy so you can learn to YES to yourself and get over your money story
– Get clarity on your vision for your life and business and what you need to do so you can make your vision a reality
– Shift how you feel, change your thoughts and beliefs which are not serving so you can become a energetic match to the vibration of the things you want to attract
– Let go of the imaginary glass ceiling created by the energetic blocks so you can be and feel more successful in your life

Everything we’re doing with EAM is to open you up, to allow you to expand to grow and so you can take those steps in your life without the resistance.


^^^^ Now THIS isn’t me making bold claims
I know it’s true because The Law Of attraction is real.
It is always working in your life and mine (always without fail!)
The universe is always sending sends us the things we’ve been asking for and you’re reading this for a reason

Is it time for you to take the leap …?
Click here to find out how you can get your ticket today for just £33

Energy Emergence


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