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The Energy Alignment Method™ – EAM
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Join The Energy Emergence - Birmingham 14th October

If You’re Read For a BIG Change In Your Life

It’s Only £33 Join Today


Join The Energy Emergence - London - 14th January 2017

If You’re Read For a BIG Change In Your Life

It’s Only £33 Today

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Are You SERIOUS About Making A Change? I Mean SERIOUS

Not that I don’t like to have fun… but this event is designed ONLY for those who are actually ready to Change their life. Sounds like a grand claim, but until you’ve been in the room and see for yourself, how will you ever know.

Listen… the truth is you’re ready this for a reason….

If you believe in the Law Of Attraction there IS a reason you’re reading this

Have you been asking the universe to show you the way?
Have you been asking yourself why your life isn’t different yet?
Have you been asking yourself how to create this change … RIGHT NOW

If thats you join me on Friday 14th October 2016 (Birmingham) or 14th January 2017 (London) for this transformational event.  On the day I’ll be sharing my unique transformation technique know as EAM – The Energy Alignment Method ™.

Law of attraction Made Simple. The Energy Alignment Method – EAM ™ is a powerful personal development tool. Designed to enable you to quickly change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energy so you can feel more positive, happier and in flow.

If you’re a fan of Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, NLP, EFT or CBT you’ll love EAM. It’s a new technique to change your mindset, reduce stress, relieve anxiety and increase your confidence.

It will enable you to do what most people want … learn How To Be Happy And Change Your Life

Many personal development and law of attraction methods talk about having a positive mindset, doing meditations and affirmations. Whilst this IS essential (in fact that is what step 5 is all about!), there is often one thing missing. How do you ACTUALLY let go of the negative thoughts, feelings or emotions which are standing in your way?

You can’t just paint over them with a few affirmations … THAT does not work.

You can’t just ignore them and pretend they aren’t there because they are STILL In your energy, unless you do something to remove them

To make the Law of Attraction work for you, you HAVE to release the resistant thoughts and feelings before you can be in flow.

You have to release the resistance and THEN do your positive affirmations and alignment – THAT is when it gets truly magical.

With EAM we address both, with 5 simple steps so you can enhance the benefits of your affirmations, meditations and mindful practices. This means you feel happier, more confident and with a greater sense of relaxation in your life.
But this one day is going to be about applying this technique to enable you to have your breakthrough . Why? Because you can’t be that support and shining light in the world unless your light is well and truly switched on …  And NOT being dimmed by all the mental, emotional and spiritual bleurgh that we carry !

~You KNOW that you have much more potential inside you, if only you could access it.

~You KNOW you are meant to live an rich life in EVERY meaning of the word with no shame

~You KNOW that Enough is Enough…. You’re ready to break through, climb over or remove that “THING” which you can feel is in your way

~ You Want to FEEL that you LOVE yourself on every level (like REALLY love yourself no matter what!)

~ You Want to FEEL your level of self confidence and esteem is unshakeable no matter what you see currently going on around you

~ You Want to LET GO of those feelings of stress, overwhelm, pushing and trying, because you KNOW that they are standing in the way of the life you want to create

~ You’ve been shouting at the universe and asking for something in your life to be different

Well it has heard your call – This IS IT!

^^^^ Now THIS isn’t me making bold claims I know it to be true because I KNOW that The Law Of attraction is real.

I know that it is working in your life and mine.

I know that the universe sends us the things we’ve been asking for and it sent us to each other for a reason Lisa Bardell - Energy Emergence Testimonial

Now Is Your Time To Make It Happen

You could just sit at home and do the same things and expect something different to happen.

You could do that … BUT will it change anything ? NO

If you want to BE the biggest best version of yourself every area of your life, YOU have to take the leap.

No one is going to come and change your life for you … NO one but YOU


Truthfully why do I want this for you ?

I’m on a bigger mission to reach and change the lives of millions of people and I know that I can’t do that alone. I can only do that by working with people like you who are already out there changing lives …. and the best way I know how to do that is to change your life first !

I want you to be happy

I want you to be working doing something you love

I want you to be so in flow with your money

I want you to be and feel successful in every area of your life

I want you to know beyond a doubt that the universe has your back (and so do I!)

I want you to have amazing relationships with everyone you care about

I want you to be making your impact in the world changing peoples lives

And you can do ALL of that just from being in flow !

Sam Brazier - Energy Emergence Testimonial

This Event Has Far Exceeded My Expectations

April Blanchard

WOW - It's Been Life Changing

 If you have any doubts about coming don’t just come and do it. I feel amazing, after all the trauma we’ve had it has given me my life back. I have a vision but I never thought it would come true. I know I can give my kids the life that I always wanted them to have and I know that it will come true.

Jeani Howard – EFT & Energy Pracitioner

I Know I Can Transform My Life

I had some great ahahas – I was stuck in my work and how to sustain the work I was doing for the rest of my life as I was finding it exhausting. I have found that I can transform my life, I can transform my work and I can become a transformational person to other people!

Jo Tocher – Holistic Therapist

I let go of stuff I had for years

I believe Yvette found me ! It came at a point that I knew I needed to release things that were blocked. It’s been such a journey, so many laughs and so many tears.

Aine Cahill

I never achieved a breakthrough like this!

I had been feeling stuck and overwhelmed earlier this year. Work, relationships and family life were a struggle and I thought it was because I’d reached ‘a certain age’ and was ‘past it’!

I loved the structure of the EAM course. What a timely opportunity to take stock and change my vibration/thinking/action around things that weren’t working for me I’ve been working in this ‘energy’ space for years, and never achieved a breakthrough like I did with EAM.

Maria Brosnan

Such a simple & easy technique to break out of 'stuckness

EAM has a gentle blessing – it can be done anywhere, by anyone, on any resistance that is showing up in your life! Once you know the formula, its possible to breakthrough anything and everything that is holding you back! That is pretty remarkble! Having worked with several Energy and other healing techniques for a number of years, I applaud Yvette Taylor for creating such a simple, easy to use techniique that has the potential to break you out of any ‘stuckness’ you are experiencing in any area of your life.

Rita Marshall

EAM has transformed my life...

If you want to talk to anyone about Energy Alignment it’s incredibly powerful stuff when you allow yourself to clarify what living your dreams really means.

There was so much stuff I didn’t even know was holding me back and now it’s gone.

Ces Loftus

I feel free and open

There is always something blocking you, with this by asking yourself what you need to clear to move forward. It gives you clarity on how to move forward. Now I feel free and open to move forwards with what I am doing.

Gean Taylor

If You Would Like To

GET IN FLOW (be in the zone, feel connected, be inspired – what ever you call it!) So every day just feels easy

BREAK THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING – finally let go of that stubborn “thing” which you can’t put your finger on but you KNOW it stops you

– CREATE A NEW MONEY STORY – let go of the truth of the story you have and create one you love

CONNECT TO YOUR WEALTH –   on EVERY level in your life, not just money, but love, peace, happiness & freedom – they are all yours

Maybe Right Now You’re Feeling …

EVERYTHING IS BL**** HARD WORK – Sometimes no matter how much “spiritual” work you do, It still takes a lot of effort !

~  DISCONNECTED FROM WEALTH – Because the CASH isn’t sitting in your bank account

YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE – like you’ve just woke up in a life you didn’t create

YOU HAVE TOO MUCH IN THE WAY –  you haven’t yet figure out how to let go of the inner games

~ CONFUSED ABOUT YOUR DIRECTION  – you don’t have clarity of what you’re doing or where you’re heading

~ IT IS YOUR TIME –  despite all the above you KNOW inside that you’re ready to do something more

Then let’s take this next leap in your energy together  – join me for this one day intensive training !

What Will The Day Look Like

My hope is that it will be a day you look back on as one of the turning points in your journey. 

I could have just delivered this to you online. It would STILL have been an awesome day.

BUT something amazing happens when we’re in a room together.

During the day we’ll cover

  • How To Use The 5 Steps Of The Energy Alignment Method
  • Why Having An ACTIVE and ATTRACTIVE Vison So you can move quicker along your journey
  • How To Break Through The Glass Ceiling In Your Life So You Can Move YourSelf To The Next Level
  • What You Can Do With EAM So You Can Access Your Wealth And Abundance

The day won’t be one of sitting and taking notes – MOST of the day we will be doing the work together to create this change.


It’s impossible. You can’t unlearn what you learn here.
You can’t undo the transformation we will do in the room.
You will leave the building with a smile on your face and trust in your heart.



What Is Included In The Day


  • ONE DAY EVENT TICKET (Worth £98) – Join me in London for this one day intensive training in EAM – The Energy Alignment Method, I’ll show you the simplest HOW TO make the Law of attraction work in your life no matter where you are or what you want to manifest
  • GROUP COACHING CALL (Worth £200) – Two weeks after our event we’ll get together to connect. This is your opportunity to ask me anything you need or to follow up on any aha’s you’ve had since returning home
  • FREE 3 PART VIDEOS (Priceless!) – Just because I know you’ll want to get started I’ll send you a short 3 part video series to get you connect to EAM – so you can start using the technique in your life today

14th October 2016 – Birmingham – Macdonald Burlington Burlington Arcade, 126 New St, Birmingham B2 4JQ

Registration 8:45am – 9:30am start  Finish Approx 5:00pm

14th January 2017 – London Victoria Park Plaza Hotel
239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London SW1V 1EQ

Registration 8:45am – 9:30am start 

Finish Approx 5:00pm

Join The Energy Emergence - Birmingham 14th October

If You’re Read For a BIG Change In Your Life

It’s Only £33 Join Today


Join The Energy Emergence - London - 14th January 2017

If You’re Read For a BIG Change In Your Life

It’s Only £33 Today

If You REALLY Can't Make The Day - Register Here

If You’d  Really Love To Come BUT

Can’t Make The Dates – We Will Keep You Posted

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I wish I could say working together is the answer to your prayers.

That suddenly a magic genie will appear and grant you every wish

But I believe we can create the next best thing! Let’s make YOU the genie in your life !

When you open up and shift your energy your life HAS to shift – THAT is the Universal Law.

You can’t escape it

Who You Hang Out With – Being in the vibe of other people who “get this” stuff is one of the best things you can do. Even when you leave the room you’ll be a part of the tribe of others in the world who get this.

You Believe You Can’t Afford It Right Now – Really £33 for a day of transformational training?
I’m doing this because I want YOU to say YES to  you. I could have easily charged 10 times that for the value of the shifts but I don’t want to let something like money stand in the way. At the end of the day it is JUST energy.

I’m NOT Ready – You believe in the law of attraction – Ask yourself honestly why the universe bring us together .  The universe has a bigger plan for you, I know you feel it … !

I’ve Done It Before – Let me assure you … you haven’t ( I mean that lovingly!) but you can’t have done.

No one ever has it ALL sorted (including me)!

NO ONE and anyone who pretends to isn’t telling you the truth

WHY can I say that ? No matter where you are there is ALWAYS something more.

We want more, we’re designed for more.


Your Gift To You – Make The DIfference To One Child

When you join the Energy Emergence and commit to making a difference for yourself you will also be supporting a child in the uk who has been put into emergency care. Which means children who have had to leave there home and go into a women refuge.

For their safety these children are often taken from school or a family members home unable to return back to their home or to see friends or loved ones again. They they arrive at refuge with no clothes, not even a toothbrush .. 

So when you join you’ll be donating £25 towards a Buddy bag for these young children which includes  A vest – underwear, socks PJS, Book, colouring book, pencils, photo frame, teddy, postcard, toothbrush, hair brush and wash cloth These bags have so much meaning for these young children as it gives them something to call their own and gives them a tiny sense of security in a time which creates so much upheaval for them

I’m an Ambassador for Buddy bag foundation and we are aiming to create 20200 of these bags in the UK by 2020 and you’ll be helping us to do that !

I like to put my money where my mouth is and giving back is important to me – so I make a commitment that a percentage of every transaction goes to enabling others to create change in their lives too ! So I will be making this contribution on your behalf    

The Event Is Held At Victoria Park Plaza Hotel Registration is from 8:45am – Ready to begin at 9:30am We finish at 5pm with a whole heap of fun and transformation in between

Money Back Guarantee

I believe that every person is responsible for their own success but I believe in offering value you in everything I do – SO my promise to you is this – I want to make this a risk free investment for you –

If you come along to the event and on you decide at the end of session 2 that you don’t absolutely love it – you can have all of your money back no questions asked !    

Why DO You Think We Met ?

I know right now it feels like you have an angel on one shoulder AND that little red devil with his pitch fork on the other. You’ve got that conflict going on inside because you’re ready for massive change – BUT those things inside which have often held you back are at it again ! (and do you know what they make a REALLY sound case!) So let’s do what I would invite you  ASK these questions ~ Is this the right event for me? ~ Did I get guided to this because it IS the answer I was looking for ? ~ Is now the right time to do this event ? ~ Is this going to take me on the next step in my journey ? Trust that the universe at your back … that’s why it brought us together after all ! If you’ve got any questions, have questions about whether this is the right thing for you or see how we can make this work together just email or message me on Facebook x With Love As Always xxx      


Join The Energy Emergence - Birmingham 14th October

If You’re Read For a BIG Change In Your Life

It’s Only £33 Join Today


Join The Energy Emergence - London - 14th January 2017

If You’re Read For a BIG Change In Your Life

It’s Only £33 Today

If You REALLY Can't Make The Day - Register Here

If You’d  Really Love To Come BUT

Can’t Make The Dates – We Will Keep You Posted

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